Sherbrooke Community School

Donated Goods & Services to Sherbrooke Community School by The Philanthropic Collective:

Note: Each endeavour undertaken to support the school was initiated after consultation and permission of the Principal, Sue Holmes.

Material Donations

  • Raised funds to purchase x 5 Acer Chromebook laptops for primary school value $350.00 per unit (total $1750.00)   
  • Acer Chromebook laptops: Multiple letters to Australian Manufacturers/Wholesalers/Retailers and sought donations from local business and suppliers.
  • Request from teacher Denise Dempsey for 150 native plants for National Tree Planting Day 2017 – delivered.
  • Further Australian Native Plants donated to the school following HOTG 2017.
  • Purchase of paints for buddy bench.
  • Purchase of paint for canteen.
  • Collections of new brand items for Vice Principals prize box to students.
  • Collected animal enclosure and delivered to the school upon request from teacher Denise Dempsey.
  • Set of x 3 vaporiser machines with lavender oils for each donated by Olinda Pharmacy for primary department.
  • Collection of 100’s of dolls for history projects donated via local opportunity stores.
  • Donation of collections of Science based educational tool packs valued at $75.00 each – Martin Rowe.
  • Donation of a variety of crystals and rare fossils to Science Department at the school.
  • Donation of free family passes to the Royal Melbourne Show 2016, 2017.
  • Sought on-loan donation of $5500.00 composting barrel and delivery to school.
  • Wrote to the Rainbow Families for post out of “who is your family?” educational aid posters for the school.
  • Donation of x 6 hand made rugs for primary department.
  • Donation to Taj Batty of $1000.00 to support cricket selection tour of England and arrangement for newspaper article.
  • Arranged for donation of sports equipment from local community sporting groups.
  • Removal of broken metal playground equipment for repair, collection and restoration at parent expense.

Support & Services

  • Provided collections of ancient fossils for Science Fair 2016.
  • Provided on loan $2500.00 rare smoky crystal quartz with water inside (museum piece) for Science Fair 2016.
  • Sought detailed list of supportive services of region for students and parents to access via Chris Riseley – Community Development Officer (Hills) from Yarra Ranges Council.
  • Free senior student program to access Monbulk Aquatic Centre gymnasium via Aleksei Bondarenko at Belgravia Leisure.
  • Donation of 12 weeks of free child swimming lessons at Monbulk Aquatic Centre.
  • Searching Sherbrooke and surrounding areas for lost/stolen sheep.
  • Emergency call out to assist Principal with distressed sheep at school.
  • Offers of financial assistance to the school for any family who could not afford to attend excursions/camps/books. 
  • Initiated concept of free food cart as a senior student wood work project for students to take ownership of project.
  • Organisation of tarring of front entrance of the school at a heavily discounted rate.
  • Short notice organisation of parents to cut over grown grass and cleaned the school for the first day back of term 1 in 2017 (not done at the school level).
  • Cleaned and prepared school over weekend before term 1 commencement 2017.
  • Approach Ferny Creek Sassafras Fire Brigade to assist school with burn off and cutting tree branches.
  • Arranges for two quotations for new roofing for student’s undercover outdoor area.
  • Wrote to Professor Brian Cox to attend school for Science fair when in Australia in 2017.
  • Attended all working bees. 
  • Provided free hot dogs to parents and students at work bee.
  • Arranged for a qualified Librarian to catalogue and set up abandoned student library (offer declined by school due to no timely decision making)
  • Designed outdoor area and colour pallet for student out door area.
  • Actively promoted the school to new families in positive light from Sassafras Pre School kinder and within community.

Successful Grants

Bendigo Bank – Upwey for $xxxx towards Acer Chromebook

***TBC – Will look up all grants ***


Free Food Program

  • Contact made with business mangers at Adli – Monbulk, Woolworths – Monbulk and Burnham Beeches Bakery.
  • Competition of paperwork to progress access.
  • Establishment of free food program 2016-17-18 and partnership relationships.
  • Daily collection of fresh produce (at own and parent volunteer expense).
  • Collection of 70 plus kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables for students, teachers and parents per week.
  • Daily collection of bread via Burnham Beeches.
  • Daily sorting of fresh fruit at tables in foyer of school.
  • Disposal of past usage fruit.
  • Daily distribution of free food parcels to families facing hardship at the school and within the local community.
  • Delivery of food parcels to homes of families facing hardship over school holiday periods and meeting in a central location to distribute food.
  • Letters of appreciation to all supporters.

Free Clothing Store

  • Establishment of free clothing store program 2016-17. (no longer operational)  
  • Preparing and cleaning abandoned space for clothing store.      
  • Weekly collection of donated brand goods from shoes to clothing items.                                                 Establishment of guidelines for pre-loved clothing for student and families. 
  • Sorting of items for students and families                                                                                                    Collection of 100’s of hand knotted beanies and scarves and blankets via Chicks with Sticks.
  • Letters of appreciation to all supporters.

Concerted Lobbying for Fresh Food

  • Alerting Principal to the large refined sugar content sold in canteen (four times the United Nations recommendation of daily intake of sugar for children in one drink).
  • Unhealthy food options with large quantises of trans fats and salt.
  • Overly expensive price points at canteen for ‘junk food’ by those who can least afford it.
  • Prosecuting the correlation with “junk food” to not be conducive to positive learning outcomes.
  • Reducing dependency of non-bio degradable plastics in canteen and carbon foot print of school.
  • Building on China trip experience to bring healthy free food to students.
  • Connecting healthy food to healthy minds.
  • Healthy start-of-day food for students.


  • Assisted with cleaning and painting canteen.
  • Facilitated removal of all canteen items for new flooring (not done at school end). 
  • Purchase of display refrigerator (now discarded due to damage).
  • Purchase of popcorn machine – oil free.
  • Donation of time to prepare food and clean on a weekly basis.
  • Stocking of plates, bowls, glassware and cutlery to reduce dependency on disposable one use items (no longer implemented).
  • Breakfast Club 2016, 2017, 2018:
  • Daily delivery of breads and fruit.
  • Daily assistance and cleaning of canteen.
  • Daily cleaning and sorting of breakfast club refrigerator and free fruit table.
  • Weekly purchases of butter, margarine, cheese, jams and honey for breakfast club.
  • Organised Bunnings BBQ to raise funds for breakfast club.
  • Donation of $1000.00 towards breakfast club (before we left the school to keep the club sustained).

Homework Club 2016–2017

  • Collecting and delivering free food.
  • Preparing food platters with Gail Walker.
  • Providing food platters every Monday and Tuesday throughout 2016 and 2017.
  • Housing and distributing Food Bank items in use by time frames.

Sherbean Student Café

  • Successfully sort donation of commercial coffee machine values at $5000 and all coffee making equipment including coffee grinder/knocker/cups and saucers/coffee/cups for establishment of Sherbean student coffee shop.
  • Collection of further café items via Flippin Pancakes – Sassafras and delivery to the school.
  • Gather parent interest and support to attend student café on a twice weekly basis.
  • Organised for positive local newspaper article of Sherbean Café and images of students.
  • Letters of appreciation to all supporters.

Free Christmas Lunch 2017

  • Approached Woolworths to gather support for a free Christmas lunch for students, parents and teachers.
  • Collected and delivered all items for preparation by parent volunteers and canteen manager Alanna Wilson-Duff.
  • Lunch consisted of the following items:
    • 2 x full leg smoked hams.
    • 2 x boxes of fresh mangos.
    • 2 x boxes of fresh cherries.
  • Christmas cakes and Christmas decorations.
  • Vegetarian options.
  • Letter of appreciation for support.

Swimming Carnival

  • Donation of 48 punnets of strawberries and fruit for swimming carnival 2016, 2017 (collected from the Yarra Valley Strawberry Farm, delivered and prepared).
  • Purchase of fresh bread rolls (collected, delivered and prepared).
  • Organised access via Belgravia Leisure Centre to erect marquee and cooking facilities on site.
  • Donated and cooked free hotdogs for teachers, students and parents.

Primary Overnight Stay 2016

Donation of x 64 punnets of fresh farm strawberries and fruit for primary overnight stay (collected directly from Yarra Valley Strawberry Farm and delivered).

Performance Night 2017

  • Lobbying Principal to remove gold coin donations to parents and families to enter performance. Collection and delivery of food platters.
  • Donation of $250.00 dollars of platters for music performance night as free super for students, parents and teachers.


  • Collection of large brown display cupboard and chairs from Ripe Café in Sassafras and delivery.
  • Collection of six tables, chairs and coffee store items from Café de Beaumarchais in Sassafras and delivery to the school.
  • Collection of leather chairs and delivery to the school for language lab.
  • Letters of appreciation to supporters.

Picnic Tables

  • Donation of 3 large picnic tables with seating for students (profits from Halloween on the Green 2017)
  • Installation and delivery of picnic tables to the school.

China Trip 2017

  • Contacted suppliers, collected and delivered 3 rare Australian Prehnite stone hand craved turtles as gifts from the school (purchased at below wholesale cost price from our supplier).
  • Arranged for 2 donated inlay presentation boxes for gifts via Kaiserman Jewellers – Sassafras
  • Researched and wrote dedication scrolls to accompany gifts.

Radio Club

  • 2 analogue Radios donated to radio club
  • Other Radios at $2000 plus donation of copper wire for radio club antennas.

Student Placement

  • Provided training and work experience placement at our business Oracle of Sassafras.
  • Higher than award wage payment made to candidate. 

Forest Hive

  • The Forest Hive Project (in consultation with Principal and head of music department)
  • Advocating on behalf of the school to ARM architecture design firm to design the project.
  • Worked with head of music to detail requirements for new music space.
  • Arranged for site visits with firms architect and Principal.
  • Prepared detailed brief for ARM architecture. 
  • Prepared presentation packs of ARM architectures renderings and designs.
  • Wrote to local Federal Member, Jason Wood MP and presented concept.
  • Gathered support for the project at a Federal level with election commitment to part fund project.
  • Wrote investment logic mapping for the proposal.
  • Gathered 11 letters-of-support from leading members of the Arts community.
  • Paid for multiple presentation pack collateral.
  • Prepared detailed proposal packs for Minister Merlino.
  • Attended meeting with Minister Merlino and Principal (Friday 13th October 2016)
  • Numerous letters to gather further partnerships and financial support as suggested by Minister Merlino.
  • Meet with Greg Box, Creative Communities Manager – Yarra Ranges Council to seek advice on the project and possible Council partnership.
  • Wrote, delivered letters to local surrounding residences outlining the project.
  • Answered concerns of local residences to the project.
  • Arranged for launch of Forest Hive at King Henry (included all display graphics)
  • Invitation to all relevant Stakeholders and schools to speak at launch.
  • Paid for light refreshments.
  • Numerous letters to both State and Federal Government Ministers seeking funding support.

Halloween on the Green

Organised inaugural Halloween on the Green fund raiser as primary source of fund raising for school. $4000 donated to the school from Halloween 2017


  • The Playspace Project (in consultation with Rob Hamilton and Principal)
  • Advocating on behalf of the school to Playspace design firm to design pro bono playground.
  • Arranged for multiple site visits for firm’s designer with Principal.
  • Gathered information to prepared detailed brief for Playspace.
  • Arranged for school consultation process on design framework for playground (headed by Andrew Holden)
  • Material preparation of scaled playground for student input.
  • Invitation to all members of the school community to participate in process (students, teachers, parents)
  • Gathered final designs of primary students ‘wish list’ for playground and presented to Playspace.
  • Playspace design and rendered drawings of playground presented to the school (pro bono)
  • Commercial cost of design work $3000.00 to current planning stage.
  • Commitment to complete basic construction documentation work ($2000.00 – pro bono) 
  • Further regular site visits during construction $3500.00 pro-bono once funding secured (total of $8500.00)
  • Arranged for inspection of current state of playground with Mayor Cliff of Yarra Ranges Council with Principal.
  • Discussed possible avenues for Council funding for new playground with Mayor Cliff.
  • Arranged for inspection of current state of playground with Aleksei Bondarenko from Monbulk Rotary with Principal.
  • Discussed possible avenues for Monbulk Rotary funding for new playground with Aleksei Bondarenko.
  • Wrote to President of Monbulk Rotary to gather interest to support funding the playground.
  • Meeting with Chris Riseley – Community Development Officer (Hills) from Yarra Ranges Council to explore all possible avenues to fund school playground.


  • Cleaning and preparing food for breakfast club 2016- 2017-2018.
  • Cleaning of all outdoor tables daily.
  • Changing rubbish bins.
  • Cleaning and sorting food daily.
  • Cleaning abandoned room from 2008 with in library to create clothing store.
  • Cleaning and sorting books and shelves in library with team of parent volunteers.
  • 4 extra-large skips filed with rubbish.
  • Cleaning and sorting store room.
  • Cleaning and moving teacher’s alcohol refrigerator to main kitchen for breakfast club usage.
  • Personal Donations Pre-Philanthropic Collective:
  • 2016 – 2017 collection of three course meals delivered daily from local businesses to the school to feed and support student facing hardship.
  • 2016 $1000 of dollars of brand-new couture clothing donated to student facing hardship
  • x 6 black metal tables and x 12 matching metal chairs for students to sit on.
  • Purchase of sports equipment stolen